Ravens Report – Draft Edition: A Wishlist Nonetheless. Part 1.

Good morning/day everyone, BTMeyers here. As some of you may know I used to write a series using the first part of this headline. Well now we’re bringing it to the NFL Draft side of things. Save the applause for the end of the show.

With being the second Ravens fan contributor for DraftRite it was time to release an official wishlist of my favorite prospects by team need or just cause I like them to #ComeToTheRavens. This is gonna be a fun little list to give you all and I hope it’ll give you all a thought on who to put on your wishlist.

Starting out with the EDGE position, let’s go into these Top 3-5 players.

  • T-1.) Gregory Rousseau/Quincy Roche
    • These two players have been high on my draft radar since joining the Draft community. A dynamic one two punch in college that can split off into the next level to create/join another key impact punch of their own.
  • 2.) Kwity Paye
    • Gonna catch some heat from my wife on this one buuuut That Team Up North aka ❌ichigan produces good to great defensive players that translate into the next level. Mr. Paye is a great hard hitting piece that could easily play like a Raven.
  • 3.) Daelin Hayes
    • One of my best Analytical Case Files article was on this guy. I will hopefully revisit that file before the draft. A technical monster able to keep up in the trenches to get the job done. I absolutely want this guy on the team.

Onto the next! WR. Every Ravens fan including myself is looking to see what kind of depth long term the team will get into. I think they definitely need a big bodied outside/slot switch receiver but patience. And remember this is just a wishlist, some will be far beyond reach, some will be more realistic and reasonable.

  • 1.) Devonta Smith
    • Remember first two are gonna be wishlist. There’s a high likelihood that this guy is already gonna be taken but doesn’t mean I can’t dream that the Ravens will take my personal draft class of 2021 WR1. Dude was the Heisman Trophy winner for a reason.
  • 2.) Ja’Marr Chase
    • WR2 of the 2021 Draft Class. Yes he opted out of the season but Mr. Chase has been preparing for this moment. Yes, there’s a 99.99% chance he’ll already be gone before pick 27 but there’s a reason we call it a wish list.
  • 3.) Rashod Bateman
    • This a name we’ve been hearing all around the Ravens fan base. He’s put up the stats and so far has shown that he’s ready for the next level.
  • 4.) Terrance Marshall Jr.
    • Another LSU prospect that’s proven to be a next level impact player and this one has also been thrown in the Ravens’ ring of prospects.
  • 5.) Amari Rodgers
    • Young gentleman out of Clemson has made a name for himself in his time in college but it’s time to make the jump at the next level. I think him Joining the Ravens will help his development on another level.

Soooo we could go more into the whole WR conversation but these are just the top 5. Anyways time to move to the Center position.

  • 1.) Creed Humphrey
    • We all know he has no relation to Marlon(as far as we know of any-who). Anyways this guy is arguably the best center of this Draft class. Proven durability and leadership not only along the OL but amongst the whole team. He would greatly fit with the Ravens in a heart beat.
  • T-2). Landon Dickerson.
    • Landon has been a dominant force at Alabama and is ready to prove hisself at the next level. The guy is versatile, smart, and ready to take on the task of becoming an NFL Starting offensive lineman.
  • T-2). Josh Myers(No relation to author)
    • I’ve been keen on Mr. Myers ever since I started in the NFL Draft Community and my wife has gotten me on the Buckeyes. Josh has incredible talent, durability, and so much more in everything you’re looking for a center. I’d probably jump up outta my chair if I head the Ravens pick him.

This list is kinda short but there are also many other great dedicated Centers out there in this class just like the OT, Safety, TE, & CB positions. I may turn this into a part 2 list before draft day gets here but till then here is some of my dream picks in the 2021 NFL Draft Class.

I hope everyone enjoyed this, please let us know what you think and if I missed any of your favorite players in positions just shout them out. Stay on the lookout for more great DraftRite Content!

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