Scouting Report: Trey Lance QB, NDSU

Continuing the trend of writing scouting reports on “my guys,” we pick back up on my favorite prospect in this draft in Trey Lance, the quarterback from North Dakota State. For anyone who follows me on Twitter, you know that I have Trey Lance listed as my Quarterback 2 in this years draft class. So here we go diving into my scouting report on Trey Lance, buckle up and enjoy the ride. Welcome to my Non-Biased Trey Lance scouting report.

Trey Lance - 2019 - Football - NDSU


  • Height: 6’3″
  • Weight: 224lbs
  • Year: RS Sophomore
  • Pro Day Stats: N/A


  • Lance has the ideal build for the professional level at 6’3″ 224lbs.
  • He is the textbook definition of a dual threat quarterback, Lance displays the ability to be both a dominant runner and a dominant passer at the next level just as he did in college.
  • Tough runner who isn’t afraid to run over defenders.
  • Stands tall and strong in the pocket.
  • Lance will bring an amazing football IQ to whoever drafts him. In college he used to help call his own protections for NDSU.
  • Elite arm strength as a passer with his velocity.
  • Displays great touch on his passes.
  • Able to put the ball anywhere on the field with his arm strength.
  • Lance is the perfect fit for a team that runs a play action heavy offense. It would allow him to use both his legs and his arm to attack opposing defenses.


  • Lance displays a bad habit of taking hits a runner.
  • His accuracy is “good enough,” not pinpoint but bad by any means.
  • Lance also locks onto his first reads occasionally.
  • Lower body mechanics are inconsistent with his upper body mechanics at times which leads to him relying on only his arm.
  • Never really trailed while at NDSU, not necessarily a knock, just more of an observation .

Clips of Trey Lance:


Trey Lance is a phenomenal athlete who also is a phenomenal quarterback. He is the prototype of the Quarterback of the new era of play. He can drop the ball into a basket anywhere on the field with a flick of his wrist, while still displaying the ability to go out and run over and past defenders. Lance displays many traits that should translate to the next level. There are some mechanical concerns that a good coach should be able to help him with. People are trying to dub Lance as a project, but he is really anything but that. Lance has an amazing toolbox of physical traits that should be able to lead him to an immediate starting job in the NFL.

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