LADIES & GENTLEMEN! WELCOME TO A SET OF ARTICLES YOU PROBABLY ALREADY KNOW AND LOVE! Ok, that’s probably an over exaggeration but we here at Draft Rite kind of assume you do enjoy these articles and we still pump them out for your pleasure. Most of you all know what happened to the website by now, if not go check out our site’s Twitter page. ANYWAYS… with that being said we have a shot at rebuilding from the ground up and with that opportunity the “legend… wait for it… dary!” Analytical Case Files and many other pieces written by all our writers including myself started with a goal to win your heart & mind again.

Now since we got that introduction out of the way let’s get on with the actual magic of the article. With the Return of DraftRite & The ACF comes a go big or go home type. As most of y’all know I’m more of a in the trenches specialist, before I started taking risks outside of my comfort zone with skills positions. Well time to go back to the roots with a star of the 2020 College Football Season & the 2021 Senior Bowl. *Starts playing Billy Ray Cyrus’ I Want My Mullet Back in the background* The one, the only, Starting Center from the University of Oklahoma, CREED HUMPHREY!!! Please hold the applause till the end of the show.

Let’s get shit started with the basic notes and fun facts courtesy of the Oklahoma Sooners Athletics website!

  • H&W: 6’5″/312lbs
  • Class: RS Junior
  • Hometown: Shawnee, Oklahoma
  • High School: Shawnee HS
  • RS Junior/Reg Senior Year(2020):
    • 2021 Senior Bowl Participant
    • Third Team AP All-American
    • Big 12 Offensive Lineman of the Year
    • First Team All-Big 12
    • Academic All-Big 12 Second Team
    • No. 4 Center/No. 67 Overall Player according to PFF
  • RS Sophomore/Reg Junior(2019):
    • AP, FWAA, Sporting News and Walter Camp Foundation All-American Second Team
    • Top 3 Finalist for Rimington Trophy
    • Big 12 Co-Offensive Lineman of the Year
    • First Team All-Big 12
    • Academic All-Big 12 Second Team
  • RS Freshman/Reg Sophomore(2018):
    • Second Team All-Big 12
    • FWAA & The Athletic Freshman All American
    • Academic All-Big 12 First Team
    • Member of OL that won Joe Moore Award
  • Freshman(2017):
    • Redshirted
  • Out of HS:
    • US Army All-American
    • 247Sports & Scout 4 Star Prospect
    • ESPN & Rivals 3 Star Recruit
    • The Oklahoman First Team All-State

Whew! Now that we got all that taken care of now we can go onto film analysis & thoughts.

When watching film on this gentleman from 2 of the 2020 games(Missouri St & Florida), Senior Bowl practice, and a few interviews, I could immediately tell this guy was a born communicator, leader, and certified strong man with the talent ready for the next level. Before actually sitting down and watching the film more in-depth, he wasn’t exactly what I was looking for in a definite “I want him on the Ravens as our new developed Center now!” After having a very knowledgable colleague & friend of mine constantly convince everyone(including I) that this dude is the real deal and our favorite team needs him, I decided to go ahead and give it a shot. And boy he was right, I can hear the “I told you so” now. Creed’s physical/mental & leadership skill set is definitely a hot commodity.

This guy gets down low and pushes people around during run schemes, and during pass pro uhh, lets just say you aren’t getting buy unless he passes you off to his Guards & his guards slip up and let them through. His footwork was legit, stance was all there, handwork is on par for top NFL caliber blocking. The way he flowed to the next level when it was time too was like floating comfortably on tube on the lazy river to people watching & OL enthusiasts but for the defensive players it would’ve been like a Duramax/Cummins/whatever Ford trucks have coming at you head on then black smoking you once they get ahead of you. Communication is also key, you could tell in most pass pros or even rushing plays that he led the way with smooth handoffs of defensive players trying to rush the QB to his fellow OL unit. I swear I was about to do something that was NSFW after watching that amazing play. Anyways, also if I have to nit pick anything constructive or negative to say is that there were times where he got a little too high in his stance. Surprisingly he didn’t get beat but that just show that dude is real!

So I think it’s about time to start wrapping this up now. At the end of the day, any team that picks Mr. Humphrey up is getting a great guy out of him both on and off the field. They won’t be disappointed in what they get, easily Round 1 or early-mid round 2 pick. Biased I’m sitting here with a hashtag #ComeToTheRavens, but only time will tell and the Draft is fast approaching! We’ll see what happens!

If you enjoyed this article then stay tuned for the next one, you won’t regret it. Also go check out all of our other contributors’ pieces of work, all the stuff is very informative and you’ll learn or gain new perspectives of everything out there. Don’t forget to follow us on all forms of social media, join our news letters, & check out everything else on the site! Have a great day everyone!


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