February 1st Update: Running Backs/Tight Ends

Whew. What a mess. Bright side? We are back, and that is all that matters. So today I’m going to drop position by position rankings as a sorry. These aren’t final yet, but they are getting closer. Running backs still matter, despite the devaluing of the position.

  1. Travis Etienne (Clemson)
  2. Najee Harris (Alabama)
  3. Javonte Williams (UNC)
  4. Trey Sermon (OSU)
  5. Michael Carter (UNC)
  6. Kenneth Gainwell (Memphis)
  7. Kylin Hill (Mississippi State)
  8. Javian Hawkins (Louisville)
  9. Khalil Herbert (Virginia Tech)
  10. Chubba Hubbard (Oklahoma State)
  11. Elijah Mitchell (Louisiana)
  12. Rhamondre Stevenson (Oklahoma)

Now let’s dive into the tight end position. I was relatively low on this class early on, but I was pleasantly surprised the deeper into it I got. Still pretty in the evaluation process, so this is one of the more fluid positions for me.

  1. Kyle Pitts (Florida)
  2. Pat Freiermuth (Penn State)
  3. Hunter Long (Boston College)
  4. Brevin Jordan (Miami)
  5. Tre’ McKitty (Georgia)
  6. Kenny Yeboah (Ole Miss)
  7. Nick Eubanks (Michigan)
  8. Matt Bushman (BYU)
  9. Noah Gray (Duke)
  10. Quintin Morris (Bowling Green)

Getting these rankings out today will mean things get a little more cut and dry. Scouting reports will be flowing soon too, so stay tuned for an in depth analysis behind the rankings. As always, drop a comment or find me on Twitter @HindenburgScout to discuss!

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